Economic Development Corporation

The South Padre Island Economic Development Corporation is a Type B, 501c6 corporation and is funded by ½ percent of sales tax collected by the City. Emphasis of the EDC will be placed on projects that enhance South Padre Island, making it a more attractive location for visitors, permanent residents and commercial enterprises.  The EDC's focus is on projects that provide long term benefits to the community with direct or indirect capital payback.
Economic Development Corporation Executive Director: Darla Lapeyre
Current Economic Development Corporation members are:

Name Start Expires
Thomas Bainter 01/08/20 12/31/21
Mickey Furcron 01/01/19 12/31/20
Ken Medders 01/08/20 12/31/21
Korri Marra 01/01/19 12/31/20
Kevin Miller 01/08/20 12/31/21
Jerry Pace 01/01/19 12/31/20
Beverly Skloss 01/01/19 12/31/20