Board of Ethics

The South Padre Island Board of Ethics was created as a requirement of the Home Rule Charter. The Board of Ethics will have the responsibility to create a Code of Ethics, administer and enforce the Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure State Laws. The board will be authorized to issue opinions and conduct investigations freely or when requested.

On June 15, 2011, the City Council approved the Code of ethics along with its Handbook and Rules & Procedures document. To view any of the approved documents click on the links below:
Current board members are:
Name Start Expires
Bill Best 01/19/2022 12/31/23
William "Bill" George 01/19/2022 12/31/22
Christiana Dijkman 01/19/2022 12/31/23
Nicky Novak 01/01/20 12/31/22
Jeron Berman 01/19/2022 12/31/23