City Budget

The City Budget is the financial plan that is prepared before the beginning of each fiscal year. The budget preparation process extends over several months and it includes careful deliberation on how to allocate limited resources to meet the priorities identified by the citizens of South Padre Island.

The Budget Process
The Board adopts an "appropriated budget" on a basis consistent with GAAP for the general fund, certain special revenue funds and the debt service fund. The City is required to present the original and the final amended budgets for revenues and expenditures compared to actual revenues and expenditures for the general fund and major special revenue funds at the functional level of detail, as included herein.

In establishing budgetary data reflected in the financial statements, the City follows these procedures:

  1. The City Manager establishes the amount of estimated revenues and other resources available for appropriation for the succeeding budget year.
  2. The City Manager submits to the City Council a proposed operating budget for the fiscal year commencing the following October 1.
  3. The operating budget includes proposed expenditures by fund, function and activity and the means of financing them.
  4. Public hearings and workshops (including department heads) are conducted at the City Hall to obtain taxpayer and elected officials' comments.
  5. Prior to October 1, the budget is legally adopted by the City Council.
  6. Revisions that alter budgets at the department level within a fund must be approved by the City Council. The Statement of Revenues, Expenditures and Changes in Fund Balances - Budget and Actual - all Governmental Fund Types reflect these revisions. Actual expenditures and operating transfers may not legally exceed budget appropriations at the individual fund level.
  7. Formal budgetary integration is employed as a management control device during the year for the General, certain Special Revenue and Debt Service Funds.
  8. Annual appropriated budgets are adopted for the General, certain Special Revenue and Debt Service Funds. All annual appropriations lapse at year-end to the extent they have not been expended or encumbered.
  9. Before October 1, the proposed budget is presented to the City Council for review. The City Council holds public hearings and may add to, subtract from or change appropriations, but may not change the form of the budget.
  10. Any changes in the budget must be within the revenues and reserves estimated as available by the City Manager or the revenue estimates must be changed by an affirmative vote of a majority of the City Council. Expenditures may not legally exceed budgeted appropriations at the fund level.

Budget documents can be downloaded: