Doing Business with the City

Every vendor should complete an IRS form W-9 to receive a 1099 MISC (misc. income) at the end of the year. To download the W-9 form please click here. Once this form is completed please fax it to (956) 761-3892 or email

The City encourages vendors to sign up to receive payments electronically. Once a company is setup as a vendor, payments are deposited directly into the vendor's bank account in a timely fashion which results in less time spent on filling out deposit slips. To enroll in this program, simply fill out the ACH Vendor Information form and return by fax to (956) 761-3892 or via email

When an invoice is submitted to the city for payment, vendors must provide the following:

  1. Reference number on the invoice
  2. Purchase Order number; and/or
  3. The name of the person making the purchase as a reference.

For questions regarding payments please contact Rosie Guzman by phone at (956) 761-8131 or via email

For RFQ's and other requests for bids please click here to see the list of current opportunities.

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