Vector Control

Mission Statement: To provide a safer, more enjoyable environment for our City's residents and tourists by reducing the threat of disease-carrying mosquitoes.
The Vector Control program for the City of South Padre Island protects the health and safety of the community by combating disease-carrying mosquitoes (vectors). In performing Mosquito Management, surveillance (identifying sites with mosquito larvae and collecting, identifying and testing mosquitoes) is essential for the planning, operation, and evaluation of an effective mosquito control program.
One of the primary functions of the Vector Control Program is educating the public about eliminating mosquito breeding sites around the home, as well as enforcing City Ordinances against having properties with overgrown weeds and standing water.
Other mosquito control functions include treating locations where there is standing water with larvicide to prevent mosquito larva from developing into adult mosquitoes and reducing adult mosquito populations using environmentally friendly methods and current technology and equipment.