Recycling Program

The Environmental Health Services Department, in partnership with Republic Services, provides recycling every Saturday for household items. Monthly brush and bulky item collection is available for residents with active Republic Services accounts. The City recycling hours are every Saturday from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM at 4501 Padre Blvd. If you have any questions, please contact 956-761-8123.


  1. CARDBOARD: Brown corrugated boxes, food, and shoeboxes that are either brown or gray on the inside. No boxes that are coated with wax or plastic and no boxes that are white on the inside will be accepted.
  2. NEWSPAPER: Entire newspaper including the slick surface inserts (e.g. Sunday’s paper). Please remove any plastic bags or rubber bands. NO magazines are accepted.
  3. ALUMINUM: Cans Only and properly rinse out containers.
  4. PLASTIC: ONLY 1 and 2's are accepted.  Please separate by numbers. These types of plastics have a recycling symbol with a number inside the symbol. (A) Plastic Bags: Only grocery bags, dry cleaning bags, and paper-type bags are recyclable. The bags must be clean, and please remove all items and/or receipts. (B)Please Note: Remove all bottle caps and properly rinse out containers.  
  5. MIXED OFFICE PAPER: Includes white paper, colored paper, post-it notes, invoices, and (3ply/3color), file folders, mail envelopes, business cards, junk mail, and shredded paper. (Shredded paper must be separately bagged).
  6. INK CARTRIDGES/TONER: Made from reworked waste or old printer cartridges.
  7. BATTERIES: All batteries are accepted. 
  8. TIN: Any and all accepted. Please be certain it is properly rinsed.
  9. American Flags: All damaged or unused flags.

Please remove labels from items, rinse soiled items, and keep newspaper dry or it will not be a commodity.


Don't have time to recycle?

Contact Republic Service for DOOR-SIDE RECYCLING

(956) 392-7017 or (956) 392-7018.


Recycling items