Capital Improvements Plan



The City of South Padre Island Capital Improvement Plan (2020-2021 through 2024-2025) was approved by the City Council on August 19th, 2020.


To summarize, the Capital Improvement Plan includes the following projects:  Street Maintenance and Repair, Laguna Blvd. Reconstruction, Drainage Improvements, Beach Re-nourishment, Parking Structure, Sidewalks, Padre Blvd Enhancements, and Shade Structures, Padre Blvd Median Expansion, Street Lighting, Extension of Tompkins Channel, Boardwalk on the Bay, Bayside Restoration, Marina, Beneficial Use of Dredge Material (BUDM) for beach nourishment, Coastal Management Program projects, Silent Wind Sports Park, Convention Centre Expansion, John L. Tompkins Park Phase II, Pickleball Court, RESTORE Act improvements, Queen Isabella Causeway Lighting, Police Department Security and Cameras, Palm Street Boat Ramp and various other infrastructure projects.