Mission & Goals

Mission Statement: The City of South Padre Island is a unique, friendly seaside resort community that values its residents and tourists, preserves and protects the natural environment and provides for quality sustainable growth and development that is highly diverse and responsive to changing economic conditions.
Strategic Direction:
Residents - Love Being Local - Making our locals feel special through personal, quality service
  • Develop an organizational culture that is service-oriented
  • Provide educational material for bond election
  • Implement Comprehensive Communication Plan
  • Develop Annexation Plan
  • Implement systematic process to prioritize Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
  • Implement systematic processes to prioritize Comprehensive Plan
  • Create opportunities to increase resident participation
  • Develop municipal campus master plan
Businesses - Create an environment in which businesses have the opportunity to be successful.
  • Support strategies on "Buy Local" campaign
  • Adopt business friendly practices
  • Strategic alignment with commerce related enterprises
  • Strengthen regional partnerships to attract alternative revenue sources
  • Develop city-wide wireless system
  • Conduct frequent policy and operations conferences with commerce related enterprises
  • Assess policies to ensure they support business policy statement
Tourists - You are our Guest - We want you to enjoy yourself but help us to respect this beautiful place which is or home.
  • Strategic alignment with all tourist focused enterprises.
  • Create a Marketing Plan that attracts international tourists
  • Develop strategy to attract year-round events
  • Develop strategy to manage peak seasons to enhance quality of life

Investors - We invite investment in this great Island that will respect the community and natural environment, conform to our standards and provide sustainable development.

  • Develop strategy to increase cooperative and collaborative initiatives with University of Texas Brownsville and University of Texas Pan American.
  • Develop master plan for new causeway
  • Implement policies that promote balanced growth and development
    • Form-Based Code
  • Establish strategic partnerships with our investors

Core Values:

S = Service
P = Professionalism
I = Integrity