Investigations PhotoSPI-PD Investigation Division is comprised of a Sgt. and four officers, whom are responsible for the follow-up investigations of criminal offenses and other support functions of the department. This division is organized into the Investigations Unit (CID), Property/Evidence Custodian, Victim's Assistant Coordination, Internal Affairs, Special Permits and Records.

Investigations Unit
  • Follow- up on cases not initially cleared by Patrol Division
  • Recognize and document patterns of crime
  • Conduct surveillance
  • Gather and disseminate Criminal Intelligence to other Divisions and agencies
  • Interview suspects, witnesses, victims, and generate arrested warrants
  • Generate protective orders
  • Investigate narcotics complaints
  • Work with all confidential informants
  • Maintain all records and interview listed Sexual Offenders residing in South Padre Island
  • Issue seasonal parking permits, conduct golf cart inspections / licensing and conduct taxicab permitting
Property and Evidence
  • Preserve and maintain all evidence
  • Package, record and store evidence for court and/or future use
  • Submit items to the Medical Examiner's Office
  • Maintain chain of custody and a high level of security
  • Crime Scene Investigations Process, collect, preserve evidence
  • Assist in the identification, apprehension, and prosecution of suspects
Internal Affairs
  • Thoroughly investigate formal complaints assigned by the Police Chief
  • Determine the validity of complaints filed against Department members

Special Permits

  • Conduct golf cart inspections and issue golf cart license plates
  • Inspect taxicabs, conduct backgrounds on potential cab driver and permit the taxi companies
Victim's Assistant Coordination
  • As specified in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures Art. 56.04(c); Crime Victims Liaison
  • Facilitate victim's immediate needs
  • Reassure that victims are aware of all programs and entities available to them