Message from the Chief

On Behalf of SPI-PD, I would like to welcome you to beautiful South Padre Island and the SPI-PD's website.  As Chief, I am committed to maintaining an open-door policy and feel that it is vital that we stay connected, while sharing our thoughts and concerns.  I believe this website is a valuable means of furthering that effort. 

I strongly believe there is nothing more important than working together, as a community, to ensure that we maintain a safe environment in which families can flourish, businesses can profit and tourist are fulfilled with a positive experience.  The members of South Padre Island Police Department take their responsibilities seriously and are committed to this community, while striving on a daily basis for innovative and efficient ways of improving.

I am committed to doing everything in my power to serve the men and women of the Department by creating an environment in which they can proudly and professionally serve the citizenry in a manner that is second to none.


Claudine O'Carroll