Mandatory State Reporting

The State of Texas Requires certain information to be reported annually and made available for public viewing on local governmental sites. The three reports below are among those required to be listed.

HB 3693- Utility Usage Report

Publication of this report is required by the State of Texas to measure and reduce the consumption of electric energy. The Governmental Entity is to "record metered amounts of electricity, water, or natural gas consumed for which it is responsible to pay and the aggregate costs for those utility services."

HB 1378- Debt Obligation Report

Publication of this report is required by the State of Texas "to promote fiscal transparency and accountability of political subdivisions. A Political subdivision means a county, municipality, school district or other subdivision of state government. The following shall be compiled annually by the political subdivision: 1.) the amount of all authorized debt obligations, 2.) the principal of all/each outstanding debt obligation(s), 3.) combined principal and interest required to pay all/each outstanding debt obligation(s) on time and in full."

A debt obligation is an issued public security.

SB 1221- Hotel Occupancy Tax Report

In 2017, the 85th Legislature passed Senate Bill 1221 with the intent of increasing local government transparency while also allowing the public to better understand the state’s patchwork of local hotel occupancy taxes (HOTs). To comply with Tax Code Section 351.009, municipalities that impose certain HOTs now must annually report their tax rates and revenue amounts, including the percentage of revenue allocated for specific uses, from the preceding fiscal year.

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