Form Base Code (Padre Blvd & Entertainment District)

Padre Boulevard & Entertainment District Code
The intent is to revitalize Padre Boulevard to be an attractive, vibrant commercial corridor in the community, and to develop the Entertainment District into a walkable, mixed use regional destination. Therefore, the goals of the PBED Code are to promote and provide a more functional and attractive community through the use of recognized principles of urban design and allow property owners flexibility in land use, while prescribing a higher level of detail in building design and form.

Form Based Code User Guide
This User Guide to the form-based code has been created to provide developers, builders, and the design community additional guidance on how the code applies in different contexts. Given that this is the community's first form-based code and it is significantly different from other zoning districts in the city, this User Guide will reduce the intimidation factor of the adopted FBC. This Guide should be used in conjunction with the adopted form-based code for PBED.

Market Analysis for Padre Boulevard Initiative
The City of South Padre Island is contemplating an ambitious effort to redevelop Padre Boulevard, the main thoroughfare in the community. As part of that effort, TXP has been given an initial task of conducting a market feasibility study to determine overall demand projections for the Padre Boulevard and Entertainment District.

Padre Blvd. & Entertainment District Site Plan Application
Applications for Site Plans within the Padre Boulevard and Entertainment District will be reviewed for compliance with the Padre Boulevard Entertainment District (PBED) Code. City Staff will meet within 15 days of the receipt of a complete application forward their recommendation to the City Manager for final action.