Court Procedures

The law requires you to make an appearance on your case. Your appearance or Court date is noted on your citation. You (or your attorney) may do this in person before the Judge or in writing by mail or fax. For your convenience, there is a signature line and a plea line on the bottom of the citation which can be used as a written "appearance or written notification.

You must enter one of these three pleas:

  • Guilty- means you admit guilt and either wish to give an explanation or just pay the fine. Once the fine is paid the case is closed. To view form, please click here.
  • No Contender (no contest) means that you personally do not want to admit guilt, but you do not want to contest the charge(s) in a trial. You may pay the fine; give an explanation or present proof of compliance. The Judge will review your case and will determine whether he finds you guilty, sets a fine or dismisses the charge(s). To view form, please click here.
  • Not Guilty- Means you deny guilt and want a bench or jury trial to be set at a later date in this Court. You must post a bond set by the Judge to ensure that you will be present for the trial. To view form, please click here.

You may also plea without appearing in Court by printing and filling out the Plea Without Appearance form. To view form please click here.

Driver's Safety Courses (DSC)

If you are charged with a traffic offense, you may request DSC. The request must be made before the appearance date on the citation. You must enter a plea of guilty or no contest; present a Texas DL and current insurance to the court; pay a fee of $110.00. You will have 90 days to complete DSC. Upon presenting a certificate of completion to the Court, the Judge may dismiss the offense.

Deferred Disposition
The judge may grant deferred disposition (place on probationary period 30-60-90 or 180 days) most offenses. The request must be made in writing before the appearance date on the citation. If you do not violate any laws of the US during the probationary period, the Judge may dismiss the offense. The deferral fee for traffic violations are $250.00, TABC violations $280.00, $300.00 for Public Intoxication and Ordinances, and $400.00 for other offenses.

Inspection/Registration/No DL
Expired Vehicle Inspection, Invalid Registration or Failure to Display Driver's License/Expired DL cases may be dismissed at the Judge's discretion if the defect is remedied by your appearance date and proof is presented in writing to the Court (a $20 fee is required).

Failure to Provide Financial Responsibility
If you present evidence of financial responsibility (insurance), valid at the time of the offense, to the Court on or before your appearance date this violation may be dismissed at Judge's discretion.

Fines and Fees

If you are convicted of an offense and are unable to pay the fine and court costs, you may have the court assess your ability to pay and the court may provide alternatives to full payment in satisfying the judgment.