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Ordinances of Interest

In this page, South Padre Island residents and visitors will find more information about any City Ordinance that has a major impact upon them or generates a high level of public interest.

Natural Habitat Lot
In an effort to maintain the natural beauty of the City of South Padre Island, residents can designate their open lot as a Natural Habitat after an application process that will grant them an exemption from the requirements imposed by Chapter 9 on regulations of garbage, trash, weeds and other waste material.

Regulation of Plastic Bags
The City Council adopted the ordinance regulating plastic bags in an effort to reduce the impacts these bags have on the environment.  For a year, it has been voluntary, but beginning on January 1 2012, the "Regulation of Plastic Bags" will become mandatory.  South Padre Island is surrounded by water and this ordinance will protect all marine creatures by banning distribution of plastic bags at the point of sale.