Traffic Calming Devices

Speed humps are effective and appropriate devices for safely reducing vehicle speeds on certain types of streets (when installed in accordance with the provisions of this policy). For speed hump installations to be effective, they should be selectively located in accordance with defined transportation engineering criteria for the purpose of reducing documented speeding problems. This policy provides for reasonable opportunities for residents and property owners most affected by a proposed speed hump to participate in the process that may lead to speed hump installation. It also allows the City and requesting property owners to share purchase and installation costs.

Eligibility requirements must be satisfied for a street to be considered eligible for speed hump installation.

An annual budget will be established for the City share of construction funding for the speed hump program. Projects will be scheduled for construction by priority ranking as funding permits within the established budget.

As speed humps are not an ordinary street projects and are not permitted on all streets within the City, the properties adjoining the street or within a subdivision must bear an equitable share of the total project costs. These costs included, but are not limited to, the purchase, delivery, installation of the speed humps, any pavement markings and required signage as recommended in the Texas MUTCD.

The usual submittal period for 2013 is extended until June 30 to allow residents to submit requests for the upcoming fiscal year. To view the City of South Padre Island Speed Hump Policy and Procedures please click here.