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Rumor Watch

Inaccurate information can be damaging to a community therefore the City wants to help in promoting accurate information. Rumor Watch allows members of the community to post information that they feel may not be accurate or know is not accurate. The City staff will look into the information and post the correct information if it is available. The information must pertain to the City and any offensive information may be disregarded.

Report a rumor or misinformation in the community

Current Rumors or Misinformation

Smoking on the Beach

What We Have Heard: People in the community and visitors have been told that there is no smoking on the beach.

Facts: The City does not have any regulations preventing smoking on the beach as long as it does not contain any illegal substances and the individual participating in the activity is of legal age to smoke. The City requests that trash produced from these products be disposed of properly and it is considered littering if the trash is thrown on the beach. Littering can have a fine up to $2,000. So if you are smoking please help keep our beaches clean by disposing of any waste properly.