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2014-2015 Outside Agency Funding

The City Council may fund a number of outside agencies and organizations that provide core services for the citizens of South Padre Island. The amount of funding received by each agency depends upon Council direction and the availability of funds. All agencies shall have a standardized process for application, review, monitoring and reporting. All agencies are required to submit applications for funding to the City during the budget process. Funding of non-profit agencies through public funds require enhanced guidelines for spending and operations which shall include:

  1. Funding will be used for specific programs or services that provide direct benefit to the City of South Padre Island.
  2. Funded agencies will, if requested by the City Council, allow a Council Member or a Council appointed representative to be a member of its board of directors.

The Council will review requests from outside agencies and develop a recommendation based upon available funding. Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Number of South Padre Island citizens served by the organization or other quantitative data that demonstrates an essential service is being provided by the agency.
  2. Type of service provided and whether other organizations in the community provide the service.
  3. Availability of other funding sources for the organization.
  4. Demonstration of ability to adhere to the guidelines outlined by this policy.

All funded agencies shall be required to submit semiannual reports to the City Secretary with performance measures. Payment shall be rendered semi-annually with the first payment to be made no later than October 3P1 and the second payment to be made after the receipt of the semiannual report. Second semi-annual report is due no later than April 30 and must be filed with the City Secretary before payment can be released. Future funding consideration will not be given if the final report has not been received and filed with the City Secretary.



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