Coastal Resource Manager

The Coastal Resources Manager performs a variety of administrative and technical work around the current and long range planning programs related to coastal resources. These duties include overseeing the implementation and management of the City of South Padre Island Coastal Management Plan; encouraging a healthy beach and dune system by developing policies for beach maintenance programs including the relocating and placement of Sargassum; and gathering, interpreting and preparing data for studies, reports and recommendations to city management, boards, committees and other community groups.

Additional responsibilities of the Coastal Resource Manager include:
  • Multi-agency coordination of beach maintenance issues
  • Supervising dune permitting activities
  • Evaluating beach use proposals to insure compliance with applicable City, State or Federal laws
  • Evaluating environmental information and recommending mitigation measures to reduce adverse impacts of development
  • Assist City staff in the enforcement of local ordinances and interpreting city codes and master plans
  • Responds to local citizens inquiring about beach maintenance issues.
  • Work closely with the Texas General Land Office (GLO)

The Coastal Resources Manager stays on top of funding available through grants from governmental agencies and private foundations. These funding sources can be used to develop programs to supplement local annual budget allocations. When funding opportunities are identified the Coastal Resource Manager is in charge of writing and submitting the grants applications. If grant funds are received they are in charge of making sure grants are evaluated, monitored and that reports are submitted in compliance with grant requirements.